GMRT ImageServer Web Service


The ImageServer service provides access to images from the Global Multi-resolution Topography (GMRT) Synthesis. Requested images may be up to 8000 pixels in either dimension and are returned as jpegs.

More info on the GMRT Synthesis


Image Request Base URL


Query Parameters

name example description
minlatitude -10.0 The southernmost latitude.
maxlatitude 10.0 The northernmost latitude.
minlongitude -10.0 The westernmost longitude.
maxlongitude 10.0 The easternmost longitude.
mask false Whether or not GMRT mask should be applied.
false: Do not highlight the GMRT mask. Unmasked grids are filled with GEBCO_08 where high-resolution data do not exist in the ocean.
true: Highlight the GMRT mask. Masked grids contain only high-resolution data (≈100 m) in the ocean.
width 1000 Nearest pixel width desired. Maximum value is 8000; higher values will be ignored.
Note: Pixel widths are approximate, and are based on the requested area and native resolutions of the GMRT. Returned image will be no larger than specified pixel width.
download false Download data instead of returning as image.
See Description tab for more information about service.